Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday Before Easter - Sydney!

I stayed in Killara and walked to the train station to get to the city.  I found the names of the eateries along the way quite interesting -
From the train I spotted this lovely formal garden -
As I walked through Martin Place I saw an intriguing image on a building
I had a yummy breakfast - along with scores of "suits"  - perhaps they were all having "working" breakfasts?
 My goal was the Art Gallery of NSW for the Archibald Portraits.  I couldn't take photos, but go here for images of the finalists.

On the way out I spotted this picture by Michael Johnson
big gobs of paint sat on the surface
The floor of the building had interesting designs
To get to the gallery you walk through the Domain which has these gorgeous trees
and an enormous trumpet vine
No trip into the CBD is complete without a visit here
to have an overdose of chocolate: mix-your-own hot chocolate
and chocolate cheesecake
More design inspiration
then sparkling harbour views from the train, including Luna Park

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