Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Good Place to Be

Sitting on the edge with your feet dangling in the water, feeling the late afternoon sun on your back and listening to the gentle cascade down the rocks


This caught my eye
then this...
So, either he was very lucky and made a million and didn't need to run a shop anymore, or....


On Queen Street, not far from Customs House (on the opposite side) is a high end pen shop.  When I entered the building to get to the shop entry, this is what I found - just love it!

Bloggy GTG

Nothing beats turning up to a GTG and knowing no-one, but feeling like you've known everyone for ages.  I hope I remember everyone - here we all are before I had to leave.
From L, around the table - Michelle, Me, Lynda, Noela, Susan, Marilyn, Cheryl, Joy, Maree.

We were sitting out the back of this well known hotel in Cleveland
enjoying the weather and good company.  Thanks ladies.


The Abbey Museum was the venue for a lovely concert on Saturday.  Three of us went - and joined the other 120 to fill the small church.  The stained glass was as old as the gregorian chants sung by Schola Cantorum - and there was only candlelight, no fans or other distractions.  Gorgeous.
Schola then led the carol singing over supper - and of COURSE we all remembered our Latin to sing along.


I finished work early and stopped at the EBCC Thrift Store on Vulture Street the other day.  There were no prices, so I picked out a couple of things and went to the counter.  Is 50c each OK? the volunteer asked.  Yep!!
And how about $3.50 for a brand new fondue set?  Oooh, I think so....

Still Playing...

I think this series is the best yet...
 And finally - the "real" thing - banoffee pie!!

I Want One of These...


On my way to an early meeting I realised that the blue was water
 then I saw a dark shape emerge
 and head back for another lap.

Travelling North

Inside 111 George Street, down the escalator, is a large mural/sculpture about Queensland called Travelling North - It's rich with interesting texture and meaning

Playing With My Food

I do love my new Paper Camera App...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cairns Souvenirs

It's hard getting unique things that aren't tacky.  Chocolate from the Far North
 and mango wine

Flying Home

I scored a window seat coming home, and got some great shots of the sunset, like this one
then switched on the Paper Camera app and got shots like these -

My Last Cairns Meal...

...a wonderfully presented Indian feast - doesn't it look like a paint palette?

High Dinner

I ate dinner up high one night in Cairns - at Wink II - great service and lovely food.

Monday, November 14, 2011

No Need For a Translator

Art Gallery Entrance

One Tree...

has all these lights...

Cairns Esplanade

The boardwalk along the water is busy in the morning with walkers and runners and bike riders.  The lagoon opens at 6am and there was a swimmer ready to go in right on opening time.
The curve of the benches accommodates shorter and longer legs and echoes the shape of a gentle, shallow, wave.
 The end caps look very decorative to me.
This enormous mosaic is called Telescopus by Dominic Johns.  It is made of iridescent and phosphorescent tiles and Chillagoe marble.
 What a lovely design on the reverse side.