Sunday, October 18, 2009


I made some inchies a while back. Each of the squares is 1" X 1". I layered 4 fabrics, then I cut them open diagonal to diagonal to blossom. I fussy cut 1" pansy fabric and stitched each of those squares behind the fabric layers so that the pansies showed through. Yesterday and today I added beads, and joined the squares together to make a necklace.
The piece will be a demo item at the Craft and Quilt Fair next week. There will be a table where the Art Quilt girls will be demoing techniques. If you get a chance, go along to the Fair, because it's also Queensland Quilters Inc's annual quilt show. Lots to see and do.

Multicultural Festival

Today I had a couple of hours in Roma Street Parkland enjoying the Multicultural Festival.
First off we went to the Lake Stage where we saw George Jackson and Davydd McDonald.
Then some Morris Dancing.
Lunch was vegetarian fare from Govinders, overlooking the lake and fountain.
Great weather, lots of people and music. A good morning.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More DVDs

I watched another batch of DVDs last week.

First Fame from 1980 (no picture) - full of energy and music with a real honesty about it. Still great after all these years.

The Bucket List - you can't go wrong with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson - absolutely wonderful acting, humorous and true to life.

21 - good amount of tension, an intriguing story line, some romance, satisfying ending.

Should have been hilarious - lots of wooden jokes and situations, did not connect with any emotional reality - something to have on while you're doing something else, or one for the kids.

Thoughtful, mysterious, engaging. The time shifts from the present to the past help to fill in the spaces and complete the story - what you think is not what is. A wonderful movie.

Cross. Stitch

I was progressing so well on this piece. I even measured to see that it would all fit. Then I thought I would remeasure with the pattern itself. I am not a happy camper - the fabric should have been longways, not sideways. This is the SECOND pattern I have pulled out of this fabric. Sigh. Cross Stitch is such an apt name, don't you think???

Monday, October 12, 2009

Advice Please

I bought this fabric in 1995 when I was on a camping bus trip across the top end. I HAD to have it - and I still like it - but what to do with it??
The fabric is quite stiff - regular width, 2 metres long.
Any ideas???

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paper Bows

For bit of fun I taught some friends how to make paper bows. Why go to a shop and buy one for $1 when you can spend double that much on materials, plus about 1/2 hour of your own time and make your own wonky one?? Much better!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Movies and DVDs

I have been on a movie watching jag...In the past few weeks I have been to the cinema to see $9.99, Mao's Last Dancer and Fame (don't bother with the last one - borrow the 1980 classic instead).

I also took out 5 DVDs (and why not - $3.50 for one, or 5 for $6 - a no brainer!)

Here they are in order of watching -
The Terminal with Tom Hanks (no picture) - funny, sad, interesting, satisfying.

Frost/Nixon - boring (or perhaps I was not in the mood for the minutiae of tactical political interviewing)

Match Point - totally not about tennis. The feel of a slow moving English film about class, but with dark undertones and a very interesting basic philosophical idea about luck.

Dan in Real Life - absolutely wonderful, wonderful, wonderful - real, but with a strong fairy tale romance.

Miss Potter - Renee Zellweger is brilliant and the story flows at just the right easy pace to make it a pleasure to watch.

A Special Delivery

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making a special quilt delivery.

At the Textile Art Festival in May this year, a beautiful quilt created by Lisa Walton was purchased by Gaby. Gaby runs a healing practice called Liquid Movement on the Sunshine Coast, and she knew the quilt would be perfect for herself and clients to look at before and during treatment.

I really wanted to deliver the quilt in person because I wanted to see the place for myself. It operates from part of Gaby's home, and is tranquil and beautiful.

You'll find lots more about Liquid Movement here.

This is a shot of Gaby with Lisa's quilt "Solar Flare"

Ebay success

Remember I posted here about my first ebay listing as a seller? It was a table tennis table that ended up selling for an amazing amount (it was so exciting to see the $$ climb higher and higher!). the buyer was wonderful and everything went very smoothly.

I now have a spinning wheel listed - and there are two people who want it quite badly, so I think this will end well also.

In case you are interested, here's a picture of the wheel

and the spindles(?)
and the link to the listing is here.

I hope to list lots more things in the future!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blogging Friends

I write this blog mainly for myself, to keep track of my life - it all flashes past so fast, doesn't it? A huge bonus is that I am part of a community, and it is always a delight when I meet new people through that community.

The other day I got a lovely email from Karen (see her photo here) - I have only met her once, but she shares my life virtually via this blog - hello Karen!

Another friend is Julia from WA - I have never met her, but she emails regularly and I love reading her doings on her blog. Believe it or not, Julia has posted 1,000 (yes, one THOUSAND) times. To celebrate she is having a giveaway. Check it out here.

Hello to all my friends out there in blogreaderland who like to read about my little doings. It's great to have you visit!