Sunday, April 25, 2010

GTG Saturday

Last Saturday a group of us "Broads" met near the GOMA.
The cafe had interesting tabletops

Show and tell - Kathryn designed a sample portfolio that inspired us all
She also had a Toran to show
Mel put together a collage of her New York photos printed on fabric -
check out the fabulous Roy Lichtenstein-inspired border fabric she bought on her US trip
She also completed a lovely piece that she started in a workshop
Time to head to the gallery.
Inside I found my FAVOURITE shapes
The Hat exhibition is just FABULOUS darlings!!  You MUST GO!!
Here's a little taste-ette
 Ooops - have to stop now - the nice lady in the uniform just told me that photos aren't you see, you MUST go and see for yourselves...!!

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