Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm One!! and a Giveaway

I started this blog a year ago on my birthday and so I am one year old in blog years!!

I have never had a giveaway before, so it's definitely time to celebrate and have one NOW!!

Please leave a comment to be in the running.  You have until 5pm (Brisbane time) on Monday April 26 to leave your comment.

Soooo - what is the giveaway exactly???

A handmade (by  me) coaster - about 4" square
A sewing pouch that folds up into the size of a pocket - smallish but very cute - also made by me
 A Peter Rabbit alphabet frieze - about 6" high
A cross stitch pattern
A pincushion pattern - AND the finished pincushion (so you can say you made it yourself :-) )
A small picture frame - about 2" X 4"
A whole pile of authentic vintage squares - most sewn together into twos - each CUT square is 1 3/4" - so when sewn each square will finish to 1 1/4" - there are quite a few!  Over 200 of the pairs, plus about 9 4 patches.  Some are plain fabrics, and some have been pieced (thrift squares).  A while ago I bought some vintage blocks, washed them, unpicked them, ironed and recut them and then sewed them into pairs thinking I would DO SOMETHING one day - well that never happened...The light squares aren't vintage - just the fun prints...
A bright, vinyl covered fabric tote

Phew!!  I think that's it for now!


  1. Congratulation Kate on your first anniversary.
    I am enjoying your blog very much.


  2. Gosh congratulations on a great blog and your one year anniversary. I'd love a chance to make a loved quilt from all your little squares.
    Hugs Jeannie (SCQuilter)
    the dogs, cat and chook.

  3. ooh.....pick me, pick me!!


    a fun blog and a great give-away

  4. Congrats on turning one!
    It looks like you are having a very generous clear-out! LOL

  5. Hi Kate. Well, sadly I haven't been reading it from day 1, however since meeting you I read it most days. I like that you come across some amazing sights; and of course there are the displays of whatever craft item you are working on. Looking forward to the next 12 months. Cheers. Kim.

  6. Well a very happy Birthday to you ... and a happy bloggy birthday too :o)!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!
    Joy ;o)

  7. Happy both birthdays!!!!! And congratulations for a whole year of blogging. It is sometimes difficult to get it out there on a regular basis - I dont understand how so many of the blogs I read are added to each day (I can only presume someone else does their housework...).
    Hugs and love, Jas
    PS Don't add me to the give-aways - I have received enough ATM!

  8. Kate happy birthday and happy blogiversary!!!
    Hope you birthday was full of lovely squishiness!!!


  9. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Kate
    Happy Birthday to you
    (You are very lucky you can't here me sing)
    Congratulations and many more to come.


  10. HApppy Birthday and congratualtions on twelve months of bloggin I am not a regular blogger but love reading others

  11. Happy blogiversary Kate! I enjoy reading your blog too! :-)
    Best wishes,

  12. I'm a new follower in the last month. I have really enjoyed your blog. Congratulations on your annivesary. I would love to win your prizes.

  13. Happy belated birthday Kate, to you & your blog & when I can I'll raise a glass & drink your health. Happy to be left out of the draw.

  14. This is a nice blog - interesting and creative life you lead, Kate. Thanks for sharing it!
    Kathryn Hailey

  15. Hi Kate, Happy birthday! I haven't been to your blog before, but congratulations. I'm happy to share the draw (but if I am lucky enough to win... I'd love the vintage fabrics!) Ann ♥

  16. Hi Kate, Happy blogaversary (and Happy birthday, too). Thanks for the very generous give-away.

  17. Hi Kate, Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary!!! Have been a reader of your life on the blog for quite a while now. Miss seeing your smiling face at 2Q. What lovely giveaways you have especially the vintage fabrics.

  18. well what an amazing first giveaway
    Happy birthday to you and your blog
    looking forware to reading many more posts
    hugs Beth

  19. Happy Birthday to you and your blog.
    You are a generous person to give away all these items. The squares would be very handy for me as I have just been asked to repair a quilt made in 1889 and the squares are all 1" finished. Looking forward to another year of blogging.

  20. What a generous person you are to give away all those goodies! I enjoy visiting your blog - keep up the good work and have a wonderful year ahead.

  21. My very best wishes for a Happy first Birthday.
    I enjoy your blog and congratulate you on your generous giveaway. I really need a pin cushion at present it seems it is always the 'little things' that get put off being made. Looking forward to the next 12 months of sharing

  22. I just found your blog from everything kindred spirits so would love to enter your giveaway! happy birthday!!

  23. Hi Kate Happy Birthday to you and your lovely blog. Wow such a lot of lovely goodies in your giveaway.

  24. Congrats on reaching 1 year, what a great giveaway!!!

  25. Thats amazing, so glad I read my daily digest. Thanks for the chance to win and "Happy Birthday"

  26. Happy birthday to you , and what a generous lady you are to give away gifts on YOUR birthday. It is good you are 21 again. All the best and may it be a happy day for you Jenni

  27. Hi Kate Happy Birthday to you and your lovely blog. Such a lot of lovely goodies in your giveaway. You are very generous.

  28. Hey Petal,

    Hope life brings you tons of chocolates, so you can laugh out loud, at the world and give cuddles out freely to everyone, this is my motto. It was my birfday on 21/4/10 and I did this all day, it works for me.

    Hugz from

  29. Have a happy birthday Kate - can't believe you're only 21! I'm downsizing too - so hope the "winner" enjoys all the goodies. Must catch up soon
    All the best and Hip Hip Hooray and all that for the big day