Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Ornament 2010?

Isn't this just so cute??
Saw it here first and HAD to try it for myself.


As I was sitting doing my posts today, I saw this dragonfly. This is the best shot I could get of it before it flew off. I hope there is good portent in seeing a dragonfly on New Year's Eve??

The View From My Sewing Room

I am in an online group called scquilters (southern cross quilters) and a current theme is the view from your sewing room. Here is mine...
Almost the length of the house is this undercover area - very cool and shaded and perfect for parties. Beyond it is the pool which has a deck and loungers - you can sit here and see heaps of bird life and the occasional koala....

Cross Stitch Progress

Thanks to the holidays, the rain, Foxtel and the cricket, here is what I am up to...
Remember - this was the piece I had to totally unpick and redo. See what I was up to on November 17....

Naughty Cat

I could hear his bell but couldn't see him, so I looked up....
naughty cat!!

Australiana Cross Stitch

This was a lovely surprise gift at Christmas. Before I started cross stitching, I fell in love with this design and asked my husband to stitch it for me. Many years (and a separation) later, it is finished....

Christmas 2009

Here is a little tour around my house at Christmas.

The wreath greets you at the front door.
When you enter, you will see this bakers stand on the left,
and further along on the left another wreath - one of my first Christmas sewing projects when I started to quilt. It is an uneven log cabin design, the pattern is from a Burda Magazine.
On the right is this little cutie I've had for more than 20 years.
Further to the right is the lounge room. The TV has all the cards,
and underneath the TV some more little decorations
and to the right are the stockings.
The tree is a beautiful fake one we bought in the US in 1997 - it does shed, but still looks good after all these years.
Decorations hang on the walls and on the mantel
and I have my Christmas books and other decorations dotted around...
A few years ago I made this long hanging - a pattern by Fran McMullen of Abundia fame.
Last year I did a craft project - collected lots of bottle tops, put magnets on one side, and then cut out little designs and stuck them inside the top. Fun for the fridge - and you can make different designs...
The dining table set for lunch. The table cloth was sewn about 14 years ago in a mad panic just before guests arrived - all done by the seat of my pants, the final stitch put in as the door bell was being rung (well, that's what it felt like....)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Freewheeling Quilt - correction

An eagle-eyed quilter has just contacted me to let me know there is an error in my pattern.

The dark fabric number 3 strip should be cut 6.5 inches long (not 5.5 inches as printed), and the dark fabric strip number 4 should be cut 7.5 inches long (not 6.5 inches as printed).

I hope this error has not inconvenienced anyone....

Decorations - even more of mine

So - are you getting the idea I love to sew for Christmas?

Breakfast with Carmel

Yesterday morning I met Carmel for breakfast at The Rare Pear in Holland Park. I had the best Eggs Benedict. Even better was the company and this little cutie that came home with me.
Thanks so much Carmel!!

Even on the walk back to the car I found inspiration...

Decorations - more of mine

I do like Christmas and I do like sewing - and the combination inevitably leads to more decorations!

This was one of the first Christmas things I sewed - I got the pattern out of a Burda magazine. I still love it - it travelled overseas with us to bring a flavour of home.
I can't remember when I made these.
These are from an annual publication called The Spirit of Christmas where the theme one year was felt ornaments - so of course I had to have a go...
And then I fell in love with Nancy Halvorsen and her Art to Heart patterns. One year I made heaps of these:-

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decorations - some of mine

Just about every year I make something new for Christmas. Here are some from previous years-

Monday, December 21, 2009

Decorations - made by others

Another "category" of decorations on my tree are those lovely pieces made and given by others.

This star was done on an embroidery machine.
This is made from strips of fabric - sweet!
And this is the newest - a "tag" using up bits and pieces. What a great way of using precious leftofters too nice to throw away!

Decorations - travel mementos

On my tree I have the usual special things my children made when they were little - alas the glue is brittle and some have fallen apart :(

Then there are the mementos of travel, for example to Waterford in Ireland
the White House
San Francisco
and New Zealand.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decorating the Tree

Bronte and her friend Tom got the tree set up today - thanks guys!

Christmas Lunch with the Girls

Last Thursday my weekly sewing group went to the Icon at Cleveland for lunch.
It was a hot day, so we made sure we drank plenty of liquid.
There were gifts big and small - many hand made (of course!!).
Everyone felt comfortable and happy - even Santa found the perfect spot to relax

All Can Now Be Revealed!

Remember the "little teaser" from about a month ago??

Well, I can now reveal - ta da!! - that one of my quilts is a project in the latest Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine (volume 18, number 9). It's on page 98 and is called "Freewheeling" - a play on the word "pinwheel" for obvious reasons :-)!
In fact, my name is on the front cover of the magazine...

Sooo exciting!!

And it's exciting for Christine of "Once Upon a Quilt" - she did the lovely quilting for me - thanks Christine!!!