Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wellington Point Brunch

This morning I met up with friends at Wellington Point.
I had a coffee and bubble and squeak! The weather was really nice - overcast so the sun didn't burn, yet it was still warm. Here are some athletic types enjoying the water.
At low tide you can walk to King Island.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Art" project

I completed my paper pear (purchased yesterday).

The gluing didn't take long, but getting the superglue off my fingers may take a while...

Australia Day

I have just put the kettle on for a refreshing cuppa
and to continue the theme, how about toast with this iconic spread?

APT 6 - Part Four - final

A second day at the gallery today.  The person I was meeting was late - VERY late - so what to about a glass of wine to fill in the time?  Notice the beautiful blue sky reflected in the glass...

The fruit stand out the front of GOMA was intriguing - so realistic!
Each piece of fruit was assembled from a flat piece of card like this
Today's project - luckily I have all day...

I had heard about this willow tree - it slowly rotates
a scarily real-looking figure
barkcloth with pineapple and tree designs I liked
and art that makes a mess!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This Week's DVDs

Then She Found Me
A real dud of a movie - Helen Hunt plays a tortured soul - and pretty much everything in the movie is tortured.  Bette Midler does her best to save the relentless gloom, and why on earth Colin Firth falls in love with Helen's character is beyond me.  One to avoid.

Bottle Shock
The movie is based on a true story, but aside from that I didn't find much in this movie to recommend it.  Slow moving, little humour, cliched situations (father and son don't get on, the vineyard is struggling but it makes good) without any freshness of approach.  Even Alan Rickman (and I am a huge fan) struggles.  See Sideways instead.

Eat Drink Man Woman (no image)
If you love food, rush out and get this movie.  There is lots of food to drool over, the storyline is engaging and humourous, the movie beautifully filmed.  Thank you Ang Lee.  The story is about a widowed master chef (who has lost his sense of taste but continues to cook) whose three daughters still live at home.  None has found love - yet.  As the film progresses, we learn a lot about the characters and their different lives.  There is a happy ending - but with a delightful twist.  Recommended.

Pulp Fiction (no image)
It has taken me some time to get around to watching this 1994 movie.  The violence wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but the language (ie swearing) is relentless.  Still, the storylines are clever, there is a lot of humour, and acting is very good.  I'm pleased I watched it.

Mozart and the Whale
Two people with Asperger's find each other and find love.  Simple story, sweet movie.  Josh Hartnett as the main character Donald is very good.

Broad Strokes - January 2010 Meeting

The group met at my place this month.  The challenge was to create a piece inspired by the exhibition - Paperskin: Barkcloth Across the Pacific.

Here is my piece -

Here is the artist statement -


Tea dyed muslin, 100% cotton thread, pellon
Machine quilted

Six of us met at the Paperskin: Barkcloth Across the Pacific exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery in November 2009.

I was inspired by the strongly graphic designs on a lot of the pieces in the exhibition.  Taking my cue from one of the exhibits - Masi Bola, unknown artist - I drew up a 4" X 4" grid on individual little quilts and drew diagonal lines to create the designs.  Each design is different yet starts from the same grid.  The machine sewing lines are like pencil sketch lines - uneven and free.  The tea dyed cloth represents the organic basis of the barkcloth.

There are six mini quilts in the piece, representing the six of us in the group.

The quilts are sewn together with a zig zag stitch - united but still separate.

The outside edge is open, hinting at boundless possibilities.

APT 6 - Part Three

Another installation - 100,000 lengths of rope to walk through..

APT 6 - Part Two

A taxidermied elk covered in bubbles -

Stainless steel tongs that reminded me of a flokati rug -

An amazing oil painting of a foundry - the fire seems to real, there is lots of detail to discover in the shadows -

Installation with bulldog clips and hundreds of pieces of paper -

APT 6 - Part One

The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane has a great exhibition - the 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art - APT 6.  Lots of surprising interesting and fun pieces of art.

400 identical figures - "People holding flowers" - an arresting sight!

Mirror mosaics

Unplayable guitars -


You need LOTS of meat to satisfy a hungry young man...