Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chris Cornell

I first heard him on YouTube - through a chance mention.  I had no idea who he was, but loved the sound of him and his guitar.  So when he came to Brisbane, I was so pleased to go to the concert.

It was kind of weird - it was at the Concert Hall; most ticket holders knew the score and didn't come in till after interval.  Their loss - they missed the support act Mat McHugh.  I was probably the oldest there and definitely not a rocker, so I looked quite different.  But it didn't matter.  Chris was amazing - he appeared relaxed, at home, invited people onto the stage, had great audience rapport.  Even though I didn't know many of the songs, it was still wonderful.

Patty Cakes

Who remembers these?  I had one tray, then found 2 more at a thrift shop a while ago.  Last night I did a batch that yielded 3 dozen, so filled all trays.  Now they're dirty, of course
 but worth it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SAQA Piece

The art quilt I bought at the SAQA Benefit Auction ("White on Black") arrived here quite quickly - it's even nicer in real life!  The maker is Linda McLaughlin of Linda M Designs - check out her quilt gallery here.
Here are some detail shots
The fabric has a soft sheen to it.
Believe it or not, I received a postcard from the maker thanking me for buying her quilt - how awesome is that?


I rescued this hydrangea from Woolies a few months ago.  I picked a good spot for it shade-wise, but it's been touch and go because the soil isn't that great.  Still, it looks like it's going to make it - yay!!


I've been saving selvedges for a while, and have had quite a few contributions from others.  On the weekend I sorted through my basket, and spent some time snipping off the bits with circles - a project is in the works.  I also decided that I only wanted the remaining bits if they had writing.  So, here are the pieces with circles
I still have a basket full-ish of pieces with writing, and got rid of all the bits I know I won't use.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Too Funny Not To Share

Found this item for sale:
winnie the poof cot projector light

Saturday, October 22, 2011

House Concert

Some young musicians played to a small group last weekend - a glass of wine, a relaxed homey atmosphere, and lots of talent made for a really nice afternoon.

What the....

A big yellow thing across the river - is it what I think it is??

Gold Coast

 I visited the Retrospect Galleries last Saturday to see the work of Mari Hirata "Wild Soles", photographic and sculptural work based on the shoe, but it's so much more than that.  It was fantastic.

On the same street was a four storey building - named a long time ago, is my guess
 given that all around are these -

Come An Look at This

Threads Exhibition

The Gallery of Modern Art currently has a small exhibition about contemporary textiles and the social fabric.  There are a few representative pieces from different forms of textile creations - quilts, clothes, tapa...and the idea behind the exhibition is an interesting one - how threads and what they create carry personal and cultural narratives.  The stitching on some embroider pieces is so fine
Photography was allowed, which I appreciate, even though I end up buying the catalogue anyway.  This piece had holes ritualistically punched into the canvas by the artist's father, and she then drew the "threads".


This time of year the jacaranda are in flower everywhere.  I particularly like seeing them on Stephens Road near St Laurence's College, as the boys' school shirts are the same colour.
The blossoms form a gorgeous carpet as they settle on the ground.


I went to my first Riverbend book group the other evening.  The book was Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton.  I was looking forward to a good discussion, but it was all over in about an hour.  Sigh.  We were quite spoiled, though, with wine and nibbles.

Prior to the meeting I had a late lunch at Mud Dessert Bar, Bulimba.  The glass of wine was great and I had liver parfait - a light, smooth, silky version of pate.  Superb.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love my job...

Yesterday I had a meeting with people from Emergency Management Queensland.  I was early so I got a coffee and sat in the sunny courtyard - don't you love the name of the cafe
 They have a  new building that looks great


Quilting Arts, the mag, is full of great ideas, and Quilting Arts TV, the DVD, is no different.  You do have to put up with the perennially perky Pokey Bolton, but aside from that there are some seriously fun techniques and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  By the way - how do people THINK of half this stuff???

I'm a huge Frontline fan, and although The Hollowmen did not have the same takeup and critical acclaim, I found it similarly clever, funny and downright depressing (as in - how true, how true it is...).  Rob Sitch is a genius, and Lachy Hulme is enormously watchable.  David James and Stephen Hall do a wonderful double act as top level public servants; they have the circumlocutions down pat, and as to the recurring PowerPoint gag, spot on...

Steiner Schools are well established throughout Australia.  Most of us are aware that they provide alternative education.  But who was the man who inspired them?  And what was his philosophy?  Rudolf Steiner's views and philosophy encompass more than just education - they reach into health and spirituality and gardening.  I enjoyed this glimpse into his belief system.

Design is everywhere, and this 5 part series covers the obvious (eg cars, chairs and buildings), to the less obvious (eg munitions).  Some design is "pure" as in, you could never use it, it's more an idea.  And other design is so much a part of our world you can't imagine not having it...

I know this is supposed to be great and all that, but, honestly, I just really am not a fan of musicals (shhh don't tell anybody).  I would love to be, and I have tried to be, but I just can't do it.  It came off after the first song...


You know how you see eye-catching postcards around the place?  This one intrigued me - genome jenga
It's a way of publicising a wonderful technology information service - TechNyou.  The organisation/site is designed to help answer questions about emerging technologies.  It's funded through the government and the University of Melbourne - how cool is that?  Just love it...

While at the NGA I picked up a brochure about their collection.  Did you know that only 2% (not a misprint, I really did mean to write 2%) of their collection is shown at any one time?  Goodness knows where they store the other 98% - and I thought **I** had a lot of stuff.  Well, turns out, you can search the collection online, and then ask to have a squizz.  Well, you'll probably have more success if you say you want to "research" it.  Go here and play around.  I put in the word "quilt" and I got quite a few results, including some nice images....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Road Block

I thought I'd strike while the iron was hot, as it were, and make the pattern I bought at Warwick.  It was all kitted ready to go.  I copied the pattern pieces and laminated them to make them easy to trace.  The purse part came together nicely.
BUT, however much I fiddled and twiddled, I could NOT make THIS go into THAT - can you see why?
So I've now carefully put the pieces back in the bag.  I've got to think of something to do with the purse bit, and will trace out the frame, and make my own pattern that will fit better.

Road Trip - Part 2

After leaving Warwick, it wasn't long before we were in Stanthorpe.  ANOTHER quilt show here as well as Gardenfest.  We had come for a particular exhibit, though, at the local art gallery.
 It was an amazing collection of textile art/quilts from some of the best in Australia.  There was also work by artist Judy Wilford, depicting the Australian landscape using layered dyed and stitched silk - amazing work.  The official opening was at 4, but we gave our apologies - I think they struggled on without us...

Lunch was at The Regal Cafe - doesn't that bring back memories of country milk bars?  Well, the burger certainly did.  As a thoughtful touch it was freshly killed.  Mine was the works with no pineapple.
No comment needed:
These chookies all looked happy enough chatting amongst themselves, but I think the one I chose will feel right at home in my garden.

Road Trip - Part 1

On Saturday, the lovely Chris and I headed to Stanthorpe, via Springfield, through Cunningham's Gap and Warwick.  Although it was raining when we set out, by the time we got out of the car at Warwick, the rain had stopped, and at Stanthorpe, it was even warm!!!

I've never been through Cunningham's Gap, that I recall.  Literally half the road is washed away, so it was one lane at a time, but the evolution guys managed it well.  The pure, clear sound of the bell birds was amazing.

I thought I was SO SMART by packing everything you could possibly need for a thermos tea/coffee on the way - napkins, EVERYTHING - everything, that is, except mugs.  Gosh darn.  But it wouldn't haven't been fun perched on a muddy shoulder, having our morning cuppa, anyway.

We decided that Warwick was a good place for a stop - how about Glenrose Patchwork? asked Chris.
As we pulled in we saw heaps and heaps of cars.  As luck would have it, it was their annual Airing of the Quilts.  Quilts were on the verandah
 and outside (under cover of course)
 the award winning gardens had cute bird houses
Bev McClune had a room full of her beautifully quilted quilts, and she was demonstrating and talking at the same time, and wasn't fazed by people standing behind her - amazing!
We walked through the shop, made a purchase or two, and had a cuppa and a caramel slice, and brownie.  We decided not to stay for the belly dancing.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sewing Day

The lovely Christine had a sewing day on Wednesday - and I could make it - yay!!  These were on the counter when I arrived - complete with whipped cream - yum!!  Her house always looks like a Home Beautiful set.  She has a knack with decorating.  I took my redwork.  This is the pattern
It's preprinted on linen
 and comes with cosmo thread - very nice to use

Getaway Girls

It was the last retreat for the year - sigh.  Yep, need a big cuppa to get me going
We didn't do the Dougandan dinner this weekend.  Instead, lots of wonderfully skilled hands produced a great meal
 complete with found flowers
 and candles.
I "finished" only one piece - it still needs some applique to brighten the border, and then, of course, quilting, to make it an actual, well, you know, QUILT
Margaret had some patterns for easily sewn blocks that get recut and sewn back together to look quite complicated - don't they look great?