Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Books Page Updated

The final updates for this month (reviews here):


I was feeling a bit down - had just seen my passport photos - even hardened criminals would run a mile if they saw me coming...sigh.  But then I came home to the most delightful email from Mary - she sent me photos of her version of my quilt "Freewheeling" which was in an AP&Q some time back.  This is part of what she wrote:

" I changed it by adding a border by Moda Fabrics from the Origins collection.  I loved that black!  I made my pinwheels red.  I made it for my sister-in-law’s niece who is legally blind and can only see red, white and black.  It was her Christmas present.  That young lady is the young blond in the picture.  I am the lady with the dark hair.  I showed the back of the quilt which was made from Mark Lipinski’s Krakow collection because it was white, black and  red.  I hope you enjoy the photos and it was a lot of fun making  this quilt.  I probably will make this quilt again.   I hope I will  see more of your patterns in future issues of AP&Q."

Here are her photos - doesn't her version look great? Thank you so much Mary for sharing!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Done Done

The quilt is F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D.  and entered.
First time doing free piecing, first time doing a facing finish, first time submitting an art quilt for jurying.  Yikes!!

It is a truism, but oh so true, you learn so much by doing.  Whatever happens at the next step kind of doesn't bother me - I have gotten so much from working through the process.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Quilting Has Begun

There was a  bit of this
 then a bit of this
and now there's some of this...


I've enjoyed the tennis in Melbourne - wish I were there!!  This cartoon on the subject amused me.  And check out this short (2 1/2 minute) clip from the Murray/Llodra match - they worked hard!

Friday, January 27, 2012


I love it when things work together.  I spotted a pattern a friend (Hi Jan) had designed for a mag.  I loved it, but it was all hand done - sorry, but not for me.  I then happened on a website where there were some interesting ideas for creating blocks.  By machine.  Now THIS looks like my sort of thing.  First, you sew BOTH edges of a strip to another strip - good contrast is a must.  Mine are the standard 2.5 inches wide.
Slice them up - these are 3.5 inch lengths.
Cut them on the diagonal (NOT through the stitching line), making sure the diagonal is the same direction in each case (ask me how I know).
You need them to be perfectly equilateral, and mine weren't at this stage, so I used my 60 degree ruler to trim them up.  Then play!  I ended up with the same pattern (I think) that Jan had, but my block is all machine done.  This test block is now in a box with the fabrics I want to use.  I just need some good black fabric to go with the Lisa Walton hand dyes, PLUS, I have to figure out how to connect hexagons by machine....


Continuing my rationalising, sorting, de-cluttering, I earmarked fabrics for a pattern I found - A Ritzy Cracker Quilt.
 I made two test blocks
  and put them in a box with the fabrics and the pattern, ready to go when I want a project.

Redcliffe Peninsula

In the crazy weather on Tuesday I drove up to Redcliffe - so much quieter than market day (of course).   I don't remember seeing this last time

The Union Flag was everywhere - it may as well have been called the Jack, considering the weather conditions.

At Scarborough I happened on this cute coffee/lunch place - I read my book and looked out at the rain.
If you're a coffee and cake person, bring a friend - the cakes are enormous!  Honestly!  These are about 10 inches cubed.
Rain makes things more beautiful I think - it heightens colours and softens sharp edges.
But there is a limit.  Sadly, this place is called Shangri-La.

Cat Nap

 but always on the alert.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Pre Dex
Post Dex



I have a calendar for the year with a crossword a day -
some are fiendishly difficult, but on 16 January I solved the entire thing - then again on the 17th and 18th.  I think they slip simpler ones in so you don't lose heart...

They Work!

Remember yesterday's post with my $2 tea light treasures?  They work!  I think they're supposed to be like this -
but I like them better like this -

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Field Trip

I do like a good forage, and found out about The Rubbish Removers this week and had to visit their warehouse on Saturday to check it out for myself. Turn here -
yep - still on the right track
now down here
It's a big, big shed full of stuff.  It kind of made me sad - all these things we buy and then get rid of.  Here's someone's school shirt with messages - no longer wanted - I wonder why?
I found a couple of beehive shaped candle holders - I'll used them outside - originally marked at $24.95 now $2 - but wait - is this the bottom and they should go the other way?  I like my way better.
I also found a ceramic water cooler for the fridge.  This is a business with a wonderful attitude - see their philosophy here.

As I was already in the Logan area, I thought I'd keep driving and see what there was to see.  Have not been here before so I had a poke around
stopped off here and got rhubarb and some Vietnamese Coriander/Cambodian Mint (which looks like spiky weeds but smells awesome - if you like coriander that is)
had to laugh...
found fun things at the op shops - a Jetson plate - yep, said "Jetson" on the reverse
 I have one of these already
 AND these - I've been wearing my version all week - but they're my size and everything and only $5!!

New Purse

A few years ago I decided to have all my cards with me all the time, and I bought a fun purse for that reason
 but  the wear and tear of being flung around inside a bag every day took its toll
so I'm going to coopt a purse brought home for me from Turkey by a friend - looks good with my money purse I think...
A little brightness for the black depths of my handbag.

Car Games

I've always loved making words from licence plates - small things amuse me.  This caught my eye the other day -
bright yellow - "gelb" in German - how fitting!!