Monday, November 30, 2009

Ebay Listings

More tops are on offer at ebay.

Two were not made by me. I bought them on ebay about 9 - 10 years ago because I thought I would quilt them. Hilarious isn't it????

[If you are having troubling finding my listings, try this -
Go into Advanced Search, and scroll down to the bottom, you will see a heading "Sellers". Tick the box "Only show items from:" and then click on first radio button (Specific sellers (enter seller's user IDs)). Type in kateoz (make sure "include" is selected in the previous box).]

Here are some pictures - perhaps you know someone who is looking for a top to quilt!!

Mullum Music Festival '09 - Part 4 - Sunday

The last day of the Festival. I took in 6 acts today...
Half Nelson - a rock/pop group of high school boys -
David Lane (no image); Domini Forster - another talented high schooler and her band -
Tobias Hengeveld (no image); James Cruickshank -
and Tinpan Orange (again). It was perfect they they were last on my programme. And I listened to their CD all the way home.

The experience was amazing - I got to listen to 17 new acts, wander the streets of Mullumbimby with like-minded souls and explore the area. A wonderful weekend!

Bangalow Markets

On Sunday morning I had another delicious breakfast - bircher muesli - healthy and filling.
I can't help it, I'm a library tragic!
As the Festival wasn't going to start until 1pm anyway, I decided to head to Bangalow. Bangalow is in alternative territory, although a lot of the shops along the main road looked pretty regular. The markets are on every four weeks.

I loved the name of this food outlet -
The Knicker Parlour had an interesting line in men's swimmers...

Mullum Music Festival '09 - Part 3 - Saturday

The Festival didn't start again until 1pm - to allow all those night owl musicians a bit of a rest! I spent the morning watching the cricket and sewing! I met Vicki Carr there - you can't go anywhere without meeting a quilter!

The lineup I saw on Saturday was Rebecca Ireland, Green Life, Vulgargrad, Old Spice Boys, Leah Flanagan Band, Mr Percival, The Stetson Family, Tinpan Orange and Mama Kin. All bios/photos here.

The standout for me was Tinpan Orange
wonderful dusky vocals and amazing instrumental work - the trio gelled beautifully. I bought both CDs they have out. If you get a chance to see them (if you like gypsy, folky, sensuous, cocktail lounge type music) then do!

Leah Flanagan and her band
and Mama Kin were also wonderful.

Brunswick Heads - Saturday Morning

Nothing like a leisurely morning away from home, is there? I wandered the streets of Brunswick Heads and found a great cafe to sit and have breakfast and watch the world go by. Chilli braised beans, avocado, spinach and potato on turkish. The beans were thoughtfully served on the side.

Mullum Music Festival '09 - Part 2 - Friday Night

As I knew none of the artists, I made the decision to just pick the ones the sounded the best from the program and stick with them for the length of the show - no running backwards and forwards trying to fit lots of sessions in. This turned out to be a great decision. I got to hear a wider repertoire than I would have by making a judgement on just one or two songs.

First up was Susanna Carmen - someone who wears her heart and everything else on her sleeve. Confessional and honest, her music is inspired by folk and appalachian music. Then came Ange Takats. The most beautiful voice with echoes of Joan Baez - funny and sad and wistful lyrics. She is based on the Sunshine Coast and you can preview some of her music here. Last for the night was Mr Sister. I was blown away by this duo's musicality. Mel is a singer/songwriter and arranger and she played both classical cello and the "praying mantis" which is the electric cello. Steve is a percussionist, pianist and producer. Their sound melded beautifully.

The only two good shots I got were of Ange
and Mel from Mr Sister.

Mullum Music Festival '09 - Part 1 - arrival

I was umm-ing and aah-ing about going to the Festival - it was drawing me to it, but I thought I'd play hard to get and not commit straight away. Anywho, I DID get in the car on Friday and drive down. I threw the tent in the car and a sleeping bag, nothing planned.

Driving into Mullumbimby is wonderful. This is what you see - the mountain sits perfectly in line with the road - very pleasing to someone who likes order in their universe!
In a paddock on the right as you drive in is this wonderfully clever and thought provoking sculpture
yours for only $45,000...

Oh yeah - where did I end up sleeping? I piked on the tent thing - I don't even know if all the pegs and poles are there - so I went to Brunswick Heads where I stayed at the Hotel Brunswick.
Everywhere you go you see quilt patterns, don't you??


It's always worth having your camera with you. In Brisbane I found this image which I think would be great in a quilt...

Frozen Yoghurt

On a hot day in town (Brisbane, that is, last Tuesday) I went for a green tea and lychee flavoured frozen yoghurt and watched the world go by for a while.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Curry Night

Here I am in one of my saris before heading out to the Curry Night - it only took me about 4-5 goes to wrap it properly, but it stayed in place all night, and I even went to the loo successfully!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lovely gift

Someone I have never met, who just happens to have the same last name as me, sent me a T-shirt. Thank you Zoltan. This is on the front of the shirt.
This is emblazoned across the back:

A couple of times a year there is a gathering of the Oszko "clan" at Oszko in Hungary. For those of you who can't quite remember where it is :-), here's a map. One day I hope to get there.


It's interesting, isn't it, how it's easier to finish someone else's UFO than one's own? Those quilt tops I have just sold are a prime example...

Another example is this little cutie that I bought from Christine some years ago at a Queensland Quilters Market Day. I bet she doesn't even remember that I bought it from her. I loved finishing it (did it in record time, too) and it sits in my TV cabinet in the lounge room.

My friends loved it so much they all made a version!!

Displaying postcards and ATCs

As you know, I am currently signed up for a postcard swap. I have been in postcard swaps and ATC swaps in the past, and so I already have a collection of these gorgeous bits of art. What to do with them?

I unearthed a bowl that I love that was just sitting in the cupboard, and put them in there next to a sofa I sit in regularly. I can go through the cards periodically and enjoy them all over again. They look good displayed like this, don't they??

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ebay success

It was an exciting time at my place this evening around 6pm. That was the time the ebay auctions ended. Here is the posting with the photos. EVERYTHING sold!! I kept refreshing the screen to see the bids jump higher and higher. I think everyone got a bargain, because you can't make the tops for the prices paid, and I am happy to send them off to new homes (although a touch sad, too, considering how much time went into the sewing...)

One purchaser sent me a wonderful email - none other than Jasmine from Victoria. She bought TWO tops!! Little overachiever. She has a blog which is quite fun - check it out here.

Nine patch thank yous

Here are the ladies whose 9 patches I received

Maggie Maggie's Quilting Corner
Lurline Lurline's Place
Julia Julia's Place
Christine Once Upon a Quilt
Jane Jane's Fabrics and Quilts
Leah no blog
Deidre no blog
Jenny K no blog
Melanie Melanie Made
Janet Quiltsalott
Alison Cardygirl

Thank you ladies!!!

How Appropriate!!

Look at the name of the wine I won last night!

It was at trivia - but it wasn't by answering questions that I won this - it was through a game of heads and tails!! I hadn't been feeling very lucky all day, but I WAS lucky that evening!!

72 nine patches

I got these in the mail yesterday - they are the result of a swap organised by Christine. I thought you might like to see all the fabrics - so be warned, there are a lot of photos. To save space I have piggy-backed the blocks so you really only see a strip of most of them - but you will get a sense of how many different fabrics there are. I haven't come across any duplicates - but let me know if you do!

Notice that in 2 of the photos, blocks have little strips of paper attached? Clever Maggie printed off her name, email address and blog address and stitched the strip to each of her blocks. I will steal that idea next time Maggie!!