Saturday, December 25, 2010

Taking a Musical Break

Christmas Day

The tradition is to breakfast on these
I tried something new to drink
Not a happy cat!
The rest us were happy though.  A lovely day spent with family.

Moved Back In

I promised my son that the study would be finished by the end of the year.  And I kept that promise (except for minor things like touch ups and the skirting board).  The main issue was that this part of the house was a huge mess.  A huge mess.  Well, no longer.  I did lots of cleaning and tidying and sorting these last few days and ta da!  A freshly painted study

Mug Rug

I've seen these around cyberspace and loved the concept.  I figured that 6" X 8" would work well - room for your mug plus a little extra for that little extra to snack on.  I had something that I thought might work.  A quilt top half finished.  Half finished by someone else.  Yes, folks, the queen of unfinished projects and UFOs BOUGHT someone else's UFO.  What can I say - I thought it was a good idea at the time.  The centre piece was stuck down - a mosaic - and the rest of the background had bits drawn on in chalk.  Like this.
For some crazy reason I thought I would spend the time tracing around each one of these shapes and cutting the appropriate fabric and sticking it on the background.  I did have the right hand-dyed fabric to do it.  What I didn't have were my reality check glasses that would have told me - it ain't going to happen.  Well I put those glasses on the other day, and realised I had to have another plan.  So I sliced into the half finished top to make the most of the work already done.  Then quilted around each piece
yes, EACH piece.  TWICE.  Then bound it. Here it is completed
Look! It works!

Not Always Successful

I bought this bag at a quilt show more than a year ago.  I like the idea that it's made from a square.
I thought I'd have a go.  I bought a cheap printed picture from a thrift store and pulled the canvas off the frame.  Except it wasn't canvas - it was plastic.  It kind of worked...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Setting Intention

Last year I came upon the concept of choosing one word to help guide you through the coming year.  Rather than making resolutions, which are rarely kept and make most of us feel anxious, choosing a word for the year ahead is a means of keeping us focused and on track.  Resolutions are about what we do - losing weight, not smoking, etc.  Setting intention is more about who we are, what our attitude is to what we do.

Christine Kane's blog explains it better - here.  If you read her posts December 15 onward a number oaf artists talk about their word choices.

I am going to deviate (a little) by having a phrase.  Let Go.  This resonates with me on a lot of different levels and I think it's a good one to take into 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cold(play) for Christmas

I've always loved the Pretenders' 2000 miles, and then I discovered Coldplay's version. Wonderful.  I have just heard another Christmas song by them.  Wonderful too!!  I hope you enjoy the following musical interludes...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Truth in Advertising

When I opened a card I received in the mail today - this was inside
Yep.  Absolutely nothing - no writing, no nothing.  Nothing but the card.  Well, why should I have been surprised?  That's EXACTLY what it said on the front -

Flower Show

I made a quilt top some time ago out of Flower Show fabric - beautifully printed large flowers.  I left it to the last minute to get it quilted, but Christine from Once Upon a Quilt very very generously and kindly obliged so that I could send it to Mum for Christmas.  Not only did she do it super fast, she WRAPPED it.
 It turned out so great.

The quilting is wonderful curvy flowers -

Sheet of Water

Christmas Cars

I love those cute antlers on cars -


The Thursday Threaders' lunch was at Toscani's in Victoria Point.  I got there early so had a cosmopolitan overlooking the lake
There were crackers with lame/funny jokes and "gift" inside
We did the Secret Santa thing, but some of us also bring a few little extras - all in the Christmas spirit.  Merle embroidered towels
Robyn made sweets and gave us each a bracelet
Paula made cards and included a little towel
I found I had some little bags lying around and included a Welcome swag to make up numbers.  I wrapped them to look exactly the same in brown paper bags, numbered each bag and printed off an identical set of numbers.  The ladies first chose a number with no clue as to why.  Then I got the paper bags out of my back pack and handed them around...
Lunch finished with a tiramisu that had fruit sauce (or in this post-Masterchef world, should I say coulis?) on top


Where is the Typo Eradication Advancement League when you need them??

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Occupational Therapy

I should really be doing about a million other things...but I couldn't resist this cute little house which I found here.  I printed it out on regular printer paper - not card - and it still worked out great.  It's quite small so all the icicle cutting required nimble fingers, plus I had to be careful with the glue on the tiny tabs, but - voila!!!
I've just read the instructions (I know, I know I know!!) and you can even cut the  fence to make a cool is that!

Santa Arrived!

Maree put the word out some months ago about joining a Secret Santa Swap.  Yes!!  And Santa arrived here the other day, via good elf Carole.  Carole not only included a lovely card
but wrapped everything in Christmassy paper.
I didn't want to open it straight away - but this morning I peeked....and found WONDERFUL fuchsia tinsel and lots of little goodies to open on the big day.  All in colour co-ordinated fuchsia and lime.  PLUS lollies and a candy cane PLUS a little something extra...
Thanks so much Carole!!!

Yet Another Goodbye

I know life is full of endings (and this is, after all, the season for marking the end of so many things), but I still don't like it.  And it's the little things that get to you - tangible reminders of the past and the person.
Someone once told me that endings allow for new beginnings.  I like that.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bribie Island

I was already over the northside yesterday so thought I'd keep going and check out a book shop I'd only heard about.
This is a cute shop with lots and lots of cheap books - used of course.  They look in good condition.  If you saw how many books I'm trying to get rid of, you'd understand why I didn't buy any.  There were some comfy places to sit and have a coffee, but I was heading for a lunch place.
The Post Office was nice and quiet, so I posted some parcels...and then looked up and saw -
a really pale moon, but more interestingly - blue sky - haven't seen that in a while.
Lunch was a foot long hot dog - too much melted cheese, and, frankly, too much dog.  In a white bun.  Hmmm - not gourmet by any standards...but the view was pretty good
You probably can't hear them, but there were kids laughing and jumping into the water.  Summer is here!



I was probably the only person at The Singing Collective concert on Sunday afternoon that was not related to one of the performers.  The singers were enthusiastic and really got into what they were doing.
There were some junior dancers who were quite impressive.  They did a few numbers from Singing in the Rain - one of my all time favourite movies.  But overall just OK - really a showcase for loved ones to enjoy...


I had a friend over last week and whipped up some yummy cupcakes from a packet - everything was provided except for the eggs and butter.
 Oh, and the Fairy Dust that I sprinkled on top...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Not Just Me

It seems I'm not the only one who thinks there's a HINT of Paris right here in our River City...

Destashing - ie FOR SALE!

If you look to the right of this post you'll see a heading Quilty Things....
Underneath that you'll see a new page - Destashing - ie FOR SALE!
I am trying to clear stuff out - something may appeal...if it does, let me know!

Nudgee Beach

Nudgee Beach is a small community right in the centre of the Boondall Wetlands.  It's easy to get to and the walk is a pleasant way to enjoy the environment.  There is a bird hide to keep an eye on all the waders that come through.  This is peak season for the migratory birds coming back from trips as far away as Siberia - how do they do it?

A helicopter kept crossing backwards and forwards - it didn't look like it was spraying, but what WAS it doing????

Another Goodbye

I've been taking singing lessons for the past year - it's been a personal and physical challenge for me for various reasons, but Elly, my teacher, has been great.  In her "real" life, she's an accomplished professional jazz singer.  Check out her music here.
I found out a couple of weeks ago that she's moving to Melbourne.  So sad!  I have her CD, and no doubt she'll be coming back for the odd gig...but still....