Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've written about this little retro coffee shop before.  Today I finished work early and it was still open, so I stopped for a coffee and a fudge brownie.  May I say, one of the yummiest brownies I've had?  Every time I pass, the owner has something new out on the footpath.  The seating options have expanded
a bike has made an appearance
and my seat in the sun was an armchair from the 60s with an old style telephone table for my coffee and snack!
The picture was complete with a retro cup for my hot beverage -
It's kind of in a forgotten area, with Parmalat right across the road, but you can dream you're in a forest with wild parrots looking down on you.

Kurilpa Bridge

As you know, I park in West End and do a 20-30 minute walk to work in the CBD across the Kurilpa Bridge.  the bridge has solar panels attached to its roof.  This monitor underneath the bridge shows the benefits the bridge is making to the environment

Lunch and Art

I like the little Asian restaurants around Charlotte Street in the city.  The Satay Club was where I had lunch today - Duck Tom Yum Soup - Yum is right!
Then I saw this electronics box on George Street

End of an Era

Borders in town used to be a destination store for me - but no longer -

Nature in the City

I've passed this park a number of times, but never noticed the bulbous boab trees before. 
I liked the shadow on the trunk
and the interesting texture of the bark

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There was something in the air in Ballina - the sense and smell of being on holidays.  The weather was wonderfully mild, despite the time of year and the overcast sky.  I stayed at the Ramada, with a view right out onto the Richmond River.
There was a spa bath in the room, so I decided to use it.  I didn't realise that turning on the jets would whip the bath gel into mountains of froth - yikes!!
Dinner was an updated version of chicken parmigiana and creamy mash
 washed down with wine.
It tasted great, but you had to order the chicken and the sides separately - and this wasn't mentioned on the menu or by the waiter.  I found this out when the chicken alone - all by its lonesome - was placed in front of me.  Grrr.  They'll be charging for cutlery next.
Breakfast before work was in a cute little cafe on River Street.  I had a coffee and a slice of fruit and nut toast with a cinnamon topping - very very satisfying.  Look at these great light fixtures -

Sunday Drive - Nimbin

I've never been to Nimbin, so wanted to see it for myself.  Well, it's definitely different.  Quite low tech and kind of non-touristy for a place that attracts a lot of tourists.  The Museum reminded me of highway-side attractions from my youth - simple and unsophisticated, kind of funny, and kind of weird, but a testament to someone's passion.  After a gold coin donation, you get to wander through a few rooms of all sorts of stuff like bits of Kombi vans
re-worked masterpieces
and lots of statements, slogans, and stories in support of the cause, the vision.
The outside of the shops were decorated with bright colours and alternative themes.

Sunday Drive - Uki

I had work in Ballina yesterday, so I drove up the day before, on Sunday.  What a beautiful drive it was.  Autumn colours were reflected in the trees -
I drove past and through some lovely little places, one of them was Uki.  Nimbus, the Russian Blue now living with my daughter, came from this part of the world.  His pedigree name is Uki Sumi.  Uki brands itself as "where the mountains touch the sky".  They were certainly touching the sky on Sunday - their tops lost in the fairy floss clouds.
It's a small place, but had its points of interest, like this little hut.
The locals obviously love where they live.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Heading to work on Thursday I saw the most beautiful rainbow -

Not if they see you first....

Newcastle Part 3

On Monday night I caught up with a friend I have known since we were both 8.  Carol and her husband Bruce live just north of Newcastle city.  They love to go to the wharf in town and see what's happening.  As a working wharf, there is always some activity.  We had a lovely meal at Acquazul with views to the water.  I had a pasta dish with rabbit and olives.

Newcastle Part 2

One thing I was looking forward to was meeting Davina, a new penpal, who lives near Newcastle.  She picked me up from my accommodation and we had a wonderful afternoon talking and taking in the views.
This fellow must have had some food in his car
I was surprised at how beautiful the beaches were.  Davina had packed a thermos, tea, milk, mugs and shortbread biscuits.  We set up chairs in the carpark
looking out to the headlands.

Newcastle Part 1

Last weekend I flew to Newcastle for work and play. Dex helped me pack.
At the airport I had a great view with my coffee.
It was cold when I landed, but the weather was clear and the sky gorgeous.
It was sad to see that the CBD where I was staying was kind of dying.  But I did find some things of interest