Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ferris Wheeling

I am scared of heights...but I am trying to conquer fears...and so three of us went up in the ferris wheel last weekend. I didn't look straight down, so that helped. The views are great, and I am so pleased I did it.

Only one of us is not afraid of heights...

Afterwards I felt like a strong something or other - but coffee and cake at the Shingle Inn across the river did the trick.
I had been in town the Friday before and took this shot - I think it looks magnificent.

Card Making with Paula

About 10 days ago (I know, I know - how slack am I!!) Paula kitted up the bits and pieces needed for making cards. She has a cuttlebug and assorted paraphernalia that turns ordinary paper into something special. She had samples on show, so with everything cut it was simple, simple, simple.
I now have these in my cupboard ready for the right occasion...

Polenta for Breakfast

I was minding my own business reading blogs this morning when this post caught my eye.
I immediately navigated to the source blog - Brown Eyed Baker.

I then IMMEDIATELY went to the kitchen and started cooking.

Nothing beats stirring - you can't be anywhere else, so you are really in the moment. I loved seeing the liquid go from white, to tinged with yellow, to that buttery strong yellow that tells you the dish is done!!

Here are the results of that yummy recipe, including the cream and brown sugar topping.
This tasted EXACTLY like the Hungarian "tejbegriz" my mother used to make when I was little - a tasty dish and time travel at the same time - what a bonus!
The leftover polenta went into a dish to firm up.
Mum used to cut the firm polenta into wedges or squares, coat them in breadcrumbs and fry the pieces. They were then topped with jam - a YUMMY dessert!!!

Huge thanks to the Brown Eyed Baker for making this possible!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Flying Fingers

I was tested on my typing speed this morning.
Ahem!! 70 words per MINUTE with only 2% error rate...
To think I pounded my way through a term of typing lessons on a beast like this...
and now my lucky digits easily dance and dart across a keyboard like this - tra la la....

Colours of the Dreamtime - Brisbane!

Readers - what a find!

I had an appointment in town and there in the foyer of the building was a wonderful display of modern Aboriginal art. Varied techniques - naive, textured, bright, dimensional and a couple of designs simply sewn onto canvas (canvas challenge girls - take note!). This is what it was all about...
I took some photos but they are for personal use only I'm afraid. The piece I wanted to bring home is "My Beautiful Country" by Alex Blacklock.

If you can get into town before Friday - go and see the exhibit. Some have been sold - some are still available. Here's some information about it -
"For the upcoming NAIDOC Week 2009, there will be an exhibition, Colours of the Dreamtime, co-ordinated by the Malaruch Aboriginal Corporation held at the Brisbane Riverside Centre, Eagle St from Monday 6 July to Friday 17 July. Artists from all over the country will be exhibiting their works in a unified expression of artistic spirituality include Gail Mabo, Robert Barton, Biance Beetson, Daniel Murrupi and Karen Coconut."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Reviews Have Moved!

Check out my new blog for booky news and reviews!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brisbane Scquilters First Meeting

Thanks to Shaaryn, we Brisbanites got together today at the Brisbane City Council Library. I had a quick coffee first at the Coffee Club - great view.
In the square in front of the library are these large balls.
On closer inspection you find that they are composed of strainers (remember those saucepans - they were shaped so that three of them would fit on the same burner).
I love the flower design as well as a hexagon shape.
There was a good turnout and some inspiring show and tell.
Here's Pam's quilt -
and another one by Pam (a Kids Quilts kit/pattern).
Shaaryn's quilt uses leaders and enders (see Bonnie's site for more info).
It was great to catch up with Carmel (who lives in Melbourne during term time, and in Brisbane during the holidays).
Carmel loves stitcheries. She also loves cats - see her blog.
Eldonna had the most beautiful bag made by a friend -
and showed us the top she started in a Robyn Pandolph workshop
Felicity had some beautiful felt pieces (works in progress), Alison brought along photos, and Chris and Beth brought each other for show and tell!

Treasury Casino

I like how they light the Casino at night.

Happy Birthday James!

My son turned 19 on the 2nd! To celebrate we went to our favourite Indian restaurant in Cleveland.

Brisbane Inspiration

On a traffic island on Eagle Street is this Moreton Bay fig tree.
You can find design inspiration whether you look down -
or up!
Art is everywhere!