Googee to Bondi Coast Walk

I started the walk at Coogee Beach and finished at Bondi - 6k altogether.  Coogee Beach itself has a broad esplanade which was quite busy.  Every now and then there were one of these
There's always wind
which is why the flag doesn't have all the stars
interesting sculptures along the way
 a line of boats on the sand.
Through this gateway and down some steps is an ocean pool with rock walls - still quite choppy and on the day I was there - cold!  An intrepid young woman was splashing herself as she prepared to brave the ocean.  "She's British" her friend told me, in answer to why anyone would want to swim in the icy water.
 This shot is taken from the street, showing the views this house has from its backyard.
 A glimpse through the trees
 and across to the other side.
 all the way up.
 Old buildings
 built on rock.
 Winners never quit and quitters never win...
This stool was just off the path near someone's back gate
 positioned to allow them to take in this view.
 We had this design on our gate in Sydney.
 A reminder of how close you are to the airport.
 The cemetery is in an amazing location - no wonder they need this sign.
Love is in the..grass...
 Trying to capture the breaking waves
 and mossy rocks.
 Tamarama Beach lifesaving lookout.
 All that precision roof work for a bus shelter.
 A wedding about to begin.
 This is how far I've come
and how far I still have to go.
 The famous Bondi Beach.
 A shell light in a hotel.
 The Gelato Bar
 with real European food.

 My lunch was hoki and chips
 I avoided the heart-attack menu
and had Movenpick - ice cream from Switzerland.   This is all that remains from my dessert.
Mosaics on most of the seats on Campbell Parade.