Monday, August 22, 2011


Heartburn; Nora Ephron
Fall Girl; Toni Jordan

What I Didn't Do

You all know What Katy Did, how about what Kate Didn't?  Well, plenty of course, but let's zoom in on the Saturday morning just gone.  I'd heard about a Winter Fair involving clothing, accessories and other accoutrements of apparel.  So I moseyed over to Mt Gravatt Showgrounds.  For the opportunity of getting even more of my money they were asking $11 as entry fee.  Imagine!  I don't think so....


I went to a concert at Emmanuel College UQ yesterday.  My outing nearly ended before it began - parking is IMPOSSIBLE, and the place is confusing.  But a spot opened up magically, so I figured it was meant to be...
Well, the combined sound of the Fusion Vocal Ensemble was just beautiful.  20 clear, pure voices, with none outshining the others.  The singers moved to various spots around the chapel for different pieces.  At one stage a male singer was about a metre behind me, and I tell you, feeling the resonance as those sound waves move towards you is amazing.
The golden rule is that the best concerts are those where you are already familiar with at least some of the program.  In this case every piece was new to me, but it didn't matter.  The selection and progression of music was thoughtful and coherent, and I have found new composers to enjoy.

A really wonderful experience.

National Bookshop Day - 2

So, it was National Bookshop Day on Saturday.  I did my bit by going to Riverbend
 and buying these -
I was served by a local writer (was introduced, but, sorry, can't remember who it was).  Apparently this is a brand new initiative, and I hope it happens again next year.  While I like bargains like everyone else, I do enjoy a good bookshop and would hate them to disappear...

(PS I read Heartburn that day!  Stay tuned for the review...)


I walked across the campus on Friday and saw this - cute!


I finished work early last Thursday, so decided to watch the passing parade at Milano.  I must have been needing a decent meal, because the rump, fries and salad barely touched the sides, helped along by a big glass of wine.  So there was room for a tiramisu - rich and gooey with all the right flavours...


Last Monday I drove to Labrador with a friend.  We knew of a couple who were selling batiks at good prices.  I bought 3 sets of 20 10" squares - yummy!
and 10 fat quarters - who can resist batiks?
Once you're at the coast, something comes over you - a feeling of being on holiday, a yearning for something we found a place looking out to the water
and I had the seafood basket
a glass of wine, and possibly the best creme brulee I've ever had.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

National Bookshop Day

Visit your favourite bookshop in person and soak up the atmosphere, indulge in a purchase or two as a gift, or as a special treat....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Business Card

I have never been to a Tattoo Parlour/Piercing Shop, but tagged along behind Bronte who needed a new stud.  This business card appealed to me
The job title had me do a double take - Head Piercer - really???

Nice Things

I treated myself to a nice bag to keep in the car to house my bits and pieces such as the street directory, tissues, rubbish bags etc -

Kerbside Lane Market

Yesterday, Sunday, I met Bronte at Fortitude Valley and wandered along the stalls of the Kerbside Lane Market.  There was a friendly vibe, live music and food.  Although I felt it was targetting the younger-than-me crowd, I did find some earrings - with $1 off the marked price of $3 I thought they were pretty good...

Um..No Thanks

Lady Marmalade

Earlier this year I got hooked on My Kitchen Rules.  One couple, Mal and Bec, were from Queensland and now run Lady Marmalade Cafe at Stones Corner.  The whole place is retro/kitsch/odd/different/homey.  Instead of numbers for tables you get a little animal.  We had the owl
who actually used to be a kookaburra before his beak snapped off
The coffee was nice and strong and the food was yummy.  Margaret had the Banana bread which is now banana coconut bread due to the high price of bananas


Last Friday I did the final assessment for my Cert IV qualification.  I did a presentation relating to wine tasting - it was fun!  This is about all that's left of the session

Byron Bay - 3

Koko, the star of the movie Red Dog was at the Writers Festival.  The author of the book that the movie was based on was there too.  I swear that dog smiled for the camera!!
I bought a gorgeous little ornament for the Christmas tree - made out of the pages of a book - it's misshapen because the cat got to it :(
Of course, I bought books!!

Byron Bay - 2

The Writers Festival was great.  Once you pass through the gate and show your ticket, you get to wander around the grounds, visit any marquee you want (a varied program of sessions runs throughout the day), enjoy the sunshine and the sculptures, and of course, visit the Collins bookshop marquee.  Here is a selection of the sculptures -

Byron Bay - 1

The first weekend in August I headed to Byron Bay for the Writers Festival.  My ticket was for 2 days - Friday and Saturday - so I actually drove there on Thursday.  It's an easy 2 hour trip.  I was staying with friends in an amazing townhouse called Vue - called that for a reason. 
The first morning we had a little visitor Kerri nicknamed "Byron"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Side Walk

Not far from the hectic traffic on the M3 near the Victoria Bridge is a brightly painted walk way.  I saw cyclists and families with prams making use of it...

Pen and Ink

I was working at the Department of Education and Training yesterday and saw these on display - we used these in primary school...