Friday, October 22, 2010


I made a snug little cover for my new Kindle....a little quilting
the assembled cover
 perfect fit
 room for the cable
 all tied up
Bobbin Karma - I don't know what else to call it - bobbin luck?? -  MUCH more often than not (say, 90% of the time) the bobbin thread is just enough to finish a seam (rather than finishing half way through) - happened again today - it always makes me smile!!!  I like to take pleasure in all the little positives that life throws me :-)


  1. You know I sew and then start thinking at the end that the bobbin is about to run out and yes it sure does most times.
    Well you got to have a laugh don't ?
    Love the cover keeps it nice and safe.


  2. When and where did you get the Kindle? Are you happy with it?

  3. Love the bags - and the tute link. Very good stuff. Yes to the bobbin karma ... and that e.s.p. moment of "hmmm .. that bobbin's about to .... and it does.

  4. You re so prolific! One question - what's a Kindle - looks like a notepad of some sort? Am I being a bit dumb or just not techno savy? Chris J