Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lunch Today

Who knew there was a Surf Club at South Bank?
Ben O'Donoghue's restaurant was a great place for lunch yesterday with my friend Christine and her take-everywhere companion Tammy
Starting with a refreshing mojito
we moved on to sharing 4 entrees -
VANILLA AND VODKA CURED OCEAN TROUT lemon, capers, shallot & dill
SEARED HERVEY BAY SCALLOPS potatoes, aioli & deep fried crispy leeks
GRILLED SPADINO OF MORETON BAY BUG pancetta, pineapple & chilli mint dressing
MALAY STYLE PRAWN SALAD, aromatic herbs, roasted coconut and Nuoc Cham dressing

Then I had the knickerbocker glory (a kind of over the top amazing sundae...
The location is right across from the beach  - a perfect location.  The company was wonderful.  A really really lovely lunch....


  1. Will have to try that restaurant!! looks so yummy.

  2. WOW! That looks fabulous Kate. May have to meet up there with you sometime. Looks like a great place to while away the hours...