Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brisbane Open House Program - Part 2

The Magistrate's Court in George Street was the second stop in my day. Walking there I noticed lots of spaces where the City Bikes should be - it's great to see they are being used -
The tour of the building was by one of the architects involved in the design of the building.  He pointed out all sorts of architectural bits and pieces, as well as artwork.  2% of the build cost was to be spent on the artwork.  Here is a subtle one - fine threads....but strong

An important design concept was to make sure that there were constant connections to the outside, that the building was welcoming, reduced anxiety and minimised conflict - this meant lots of natural light, views, and spaces where people could be separate from others.  This is one of the views
 The door handles going into courtrooms reference thefretwork often found in Queenslanders...
 The Murri Court
 Artwork in the Murri Court
 And an amazing piece of art just outside the court

Each panel is numbered separately.  The interconnections between the panels is just wonderful - and reminds me of symmetries and rotations.  
The piece is called Sacred Water Holes by Lilla Watson, and the holes are burnt through paper (I think) to reveal the colour underneath.

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