Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another surprise

Yesterday there was a knock at the door and after signing my name I was given a box.  I just couldn't remember what it could be...
Then I recalled - I'd bid on a SAQA auction piece - a 12" square textile artwork by one of their members.  This piece had spoken to me when I first visited the auction but I thought I would have no hope of winning it - so imagine how lucky I felt to have won it!!  And it got here super fast from the US.  It's by Sue Bleiweiss and it's called Centrigual Force.  I love it -
There is a great photo on the SAQA Benefit Auction page - just scroll down.  But the one above shows it resting on the couch at its new home after its long journey....
Thanks Sue for creating it.
PS it's really worth visiting Sue's blog - lots of wonderful inspiration...


  1. so glad that it made it there safely and that you're enjoying it!

  2. very striking