Friday, October 15, 2010


A friend sent me a link to  The idea is to send postcards to people around the world, and you get them sent to you!  I joined that day and sent my first postcard the very next day!!
The process is free, except for the cost of the postcard and postage.  You can send up to 5 cards initially, and once they are registered as received you can send more.  For each one you send you get one sent to you.
My first one went to a delightful lady named Mary in California.  She wrote a lot about herself in her profile and so I felt I wanted to send a letter along with the postcard.
It felt strange writing the old fashioned way, but I think it's nice to receive handwritten letters.
I have boxes of postcards from years ago when I used to actively collect them - all sorted by country and some by theme (art and food!).  Now I'll have more to add - plus it's nice to be a kind of ambassador for your country/city!!


  1. Hi Kate - thank you for the Postcrossing Link - I too have joined & am looking forward to the adventure. My first card is going to a girl (she's only 32) in Munich, Germany. Now I have to watch out for interesting postcards - not sure if I want to send any of my quilting ones - maybe if I get a quilter - maybe!!! It will be fun Have put my blog address on my profile - wait to see what comes of that - Chris J

  2. What a fun concept! It is always lovely to receive mail. It is a shame that letter writing is becoming a dying art.

  3. Good on you Kate -- glad you liked the link -- I joined a while back and have received some great cards from all over the world. One of the best so far was from a 7 year old, whose Mum signed him up (and obviously helps write the cards) as a way of getting to learn about the world. A great parent.