Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank You Jas!!

Blogging brings you into contact with the most wonderful people.  First, Jasmine whose post today was one of those answer/question type things.  She picked this up from Lisette's blog, Textile Seahorse.  So of course I had to wander over there and have a gander.  Now I've *got* to have Textile Seahorse blog in my Google Reader.  Done.  But wait!  Lisette and friends have an eating project underway - how can I resist visiting restaurants vicariously (not quite as good as doing it in person, but still...).  So  *that* is now added to good old Reader.

But there's still more!  Jas has this nifty phases of the moon thingy on her blog and I decided I *had* to have that too - so you'll see it's a new addition down the side of my blog.

Phew - and it's only 7 in the morning!!  I think I'll go and make a cuppa...

1 comment:

  1. The moon phases app is really great. I am a moon person (that is the hippy shit bit of me coming through!). I love full moon nights, my baby sis Mac HATES them, but loves dark windy stormy nights. I hate THEM - cos those are the nights the boogy monsters will come and get me. She thinks the boogy monsters are out on moonlit nights. But of course they aren't cos you would be able to see them, and they are sensibly in bed. It is those dark noisy nights they will come and get you (Mac thinks they are sound asleep then). How wrong is she???
    How can two sisters be SO different????
    Might just blog about this!