Thursday, March 4, 2010

National Grammar Day

Well, it is in the US anyway.  There are many people who are against the idea of a grammar day - people who are pro-grammar tend to be annoying and of the prescriptive persuasion rather than descriptive. More details here.

Still, I think anything that gets people thinking about language is, in my humble opinion, not a bad thing.

Here's a handy list of tips to improve your writing/grammar :-)

BTW - here are some other language-related days
National Handwriting Day - January 23 (missed this one)
International Mother Language Day - February 21 (missed this one too!)
National Punctuation Day - September 24
English Language Day - October 13
Dictionary Day - October 16


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  2. America has a holiday for just about anything.

    Imagine my surprise in the USA on April 26 when people at work kept coming to my office and hugging me -- here I was worrying I was about to lose my job and people were caring and concerned.

    Nope -- I later found out that April 26 each year is designated "Hug an Australian Day". Why I have no idea, but who was I to knock back a hug. :-)

    I agree about your thoughts of the benefits of getting people talking about language -- it really can result in more awareness and improved usage.

    Are you celebrating with a grammatical game of some sort, Kate? :-)