Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum

My Mum is 82 today.  The story goes she was born on the 13th, but her Dad was very superstitious so he didn't report her birth until the 14th.  That was way back in 1928.  Wow.  What else happened that year?
  • The Thames flooded.
  • Trotsy was exiled.
  • The II Winter Olympics took place in St Moritz.
  • Charles Lindbergh was presented with a Medal of Honour.
  • TV programming began in the US.
  • The Royal Flying Doctor Service began operation.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse appeared in a movie for the first time.
  • The right to vote was extended to all women in the UK.
  • The Summer Olympics opened in Amsterdam.
  • Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. 
  • Opus Dei was founded.
  • The iron lung was used for the first time. 
(thanks Wikipedia)

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    1. So that is where you get your gorgeous cheekbones from!
      How funny about her birthday! I wonder how many people that happened to? And I know a few pple who dont have the names the parents decided on at the hospital after the Dad went to register the birth via the local pub and his mates...!!!!!