Monday, March 29, 2010

Boonah - Saturday

I was the first one up and headed straight to the loo - eek!!
Poor froggy found his way INTO the bowl but didn't want to go back the way he came.
Mary got him out - isn't he cute?
I got stuck  into finishing another project.  I'd prepped all the pieces at home -
Still, I found the plain squares were 1/8th inch too big - so I trimmed all those -
Then it was time to sew the triangles together
and press them
and trim them back to 3 3/8 inch - yes, **I** did the maths and it all worked out perfectly!
Lots of bits piled up -
Then more pressing

and sewing
and that's ONE block done!!  Eight more to go.
Here are the 9 all sewn together -
I now have to search my stash for a couple of border fabrics.
In between all that sewing we headed to the Boonah Markets
I bought a Detox mix of fruit and nuts from this nice lady

Dinner time found us at the Dugandan Pub.  Delicious steak and vegies
washed down with a Tobacco Road Shiraz 2006.  Wonderful company under the romantic lighting of a coke can chandelier.
More wine back at sewing central helped the conversation flow freely.
I think we solved all the problems of the (quilting) world.  I got my second wind (BTW I HAD had a nanna nap in the pm) and finished another top from a kit

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