Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pennies from Kevin

I went to the QUT Gardens Theatre yesterday.  Usually I go via the Goodwill Bridge from Southbank (the theatre sessions in the past have been evening ones, so I park and eat at Southbank and walk across).

Yesterday I decided to do a matinee.  Walking onto campus from George Street was wonderful.  Great old buildings, lots of garden to the left.  And then this map - the word "Wayfinding" was different!
"Pennies from Kevin" was really good - but I'm a revue-loving kind of girl anyway.

Funny funny funny writing, my favourite being "Kevin Potter and the Lower Chamber of Secrets" where the performers got the characters down to a "t" - the way Kevin Potter turned into Howard with the flick of an  eyebrow was amazing.  In the Canberra's Got Talent part of the show hearing "Bob Brown" sing "Hallelujah" was also very funny!

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