Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sudoku Puzzle Murders

I'm not sure about this one.
There was a lot to like - witty and to the point dialogue, and I was turning pages and actually finished it (books have to really earn their right to be read right through, as far as I'm concerned). I am a sucker for fun mysteries and interesting characters, and this ticked those boxes, yet...
Why did it need to have Will Shortz's name plastered on the cover? I know he's a genius at crosswords and all that, but shouldn't the book just be a book for its own sake?
The snappy dialogue that I loved at the beginning palled - it was pretty much non-stop.
Cora, the "Puzzle Lady" was always right and always got her way..and she got rather annoying..
Could Chief Harper have been any more thick and slow?
Generally - the characters were rather two dimensional, and so many names were mentioned and so many convoluted relationships I kind of lost track until about half way through.
The chapter design was terrible - a tiny tiny script font, and almost unreadable page numbers.
So - I just don't know whether I will read another one...

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