Friday, May 8, 2009

9 Patch Swap - Part Two (minus 1)

Yep - two steps forward - one step back!
My little darling Featherweight started working intermittently yesterday - the power was getting into the machine, just not making it as far as the needle - and it is very hard to sew when the needle won't go up and down!

So this morning I took it in to be looked at and started again with my Janome 6500.
LOTS of trial and error to get that perfect seam (it's a swap, remember - I DO want the blocks to be just right). I usually use a 1/4" foot, but decided to use the cloth guide this time. LOTS of unpicking, but finally I am so happy with the results.
YES! The central square finishes at exactly 2" - perfect!
I have done 9 blocks - and once the 12 are completed, I will check all blocks again just to make sure they are right.

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