Friday, May 15, 2009

Sharon and Gene Schamber talk

For many months we quilters have been anticipating this visit by Sharon Schamber
and her husband Gene.
Her quilts are amazing and her techniques are innovative and interesting.
The lecture last night was just wonderful.
For once in my life I was early - and this was so great, because I got to sit in the front row.
First off, Sharon and Gene had a bit of banter going as to their backgrounds and how they met and how Sharon got into quilting.
Then came the quilts.
Sharon was so incredibly generous in sharing her work. She passed around lots and lots of pieces we could look at and touch.
These were not passed around, but were put on a table for us to be allowed to look at more closely.

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  1. Thank heavens you took all those lovely pics, soI can drool over then