Monday, May 4, 2009

Browning in Buckskin

I have only recently discovered Peter Corris. I chanced upon "Saving Billie", part of the Cliff Hardy series, and loved it. Funny and clever, and I love the fact that the series is set in Australia.
I did some research and found that Corris has written heaps of books (after a very successful career as a journalist/editor, and before that as an academic). His writing just flows so naturally...and I can hear the characters as they speak. A real talent.
Browning in Buckskin is set in the US around the time of the Depression. It's an adventure story, with Browning on the run from just about everyone. (He is Australian but he tries to hide the fact - there are a few people in Australia he'd rather not meet again...). He survives some hairy moments through good luck, good looks and street smarts. The premise is that Browning recorded his memoirs and Corris has transcribed and edited them. This works very well, and the text even has footnotes! Good fun and great writing.

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  1. Hi Kate

    I have just changed my post on the swap regarding fabric choice.

    Have also enjoyed reading yours.