Saturday, May 9, 2009

Books from Vinnies

We had a lovely walk in to Capalaba - needed to go to the library and Bunnings - but we stopped off at Vinnies as they had books on sale for $1!!

Here is the haul -
  • At the top is a book in French - for Keith.
  • The Michael Crichton one is for him, too - he has loads of time for reading on the train.
  • Next - a book by Helen Fielding. I absolutely loved the Bridget Jones books, so I hope I will enjoy this one.
  • The next one is for me also - the movie was wonderful (called Tune in Tomorrow in the US), and I have always wanted to read the book.
  • I have never read Zig Zag Street, so that is for me as well.
  • And finally Syrup by Max (Maxx) Barry - a totally underrated Australian author. His book Company is laugh out loud funny. Syrup isalso very good, and I hope Keith enjoys it as much as I did.

There you have it - a TBR* pile!!!

*To Be Read

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