Sunday, January 3, 2010

The word for 2010 is...


One of my big failings is that I start heaps more things than I finish - sometimes it's almost painful to pick up the pieces of an abandoned project and push on towards the finish line...I am definitely a sprinter and not a long distance runner in that regard, and if I come upon a road block or I run out of steam - well, it's so much easier to take a different route and start something new!

But this year will be different...

Remember I posted before about my Block a Day project?? Here and here.

It stalled at March 17.

So this year I am starting from there and will be working through the WHOLE YEAR!!

Here is my process for each block -

select the colours (I am using batiks, and usually keep the colours fairly close to the original, with a white print for the background)
cut the pieces as indicated
put the pieces and the corresponding date into a baggie for sewing later.
I can cut in between doing other things, and then I can sit down and do a few blocks at a time at the machine.

Watch for progress!!

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