Monday, January 25, 2010

This Week's DVDs

Then She Found Me
A real dud of a movie - Helen Hunt plays a tortured soul - and pretty much everything in the movie is tortured.  Bette Midler does her best to save the relentless gloom, and why on earth Colin Firth falls in love with Helen's character is beyond me.  One to avoid.

Bottle Shock
The movie is based on a true story, but aside from that I didn't find much in this movie to recommend it.  Slow moving, little humour, cliched situations (father and son don't get on, the vineyard is struggling but it makes good) without any freshness of approach.  Even Alan Rickman (and I am a huge fan) struggles.  See Sideways instead.

Eat Drink Man Woman (no image)
If you love food, rush out and get this movie.  There is lots of food to drool over, the storyline is engaging and humourous, the movie beautifully filmed.  Thank you Ang Lee.  The story is about a widowed master chef (who has lost his sense of taste but continues to cook) whose three daughters still live at home.  None has found love - yet.  As the film progresses, we learn a lot about the characters and their different lives.  There is a happy ending - but with a delightful twist.  Recommended.

Pulp Fiction (no image)
It has taken me some time to get around to watching this 1994 movie.  The violence wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but the language (ie swearing) is relentless.  Still, the storylines are clever, there is a lot of humour, and acting is very good.  I'm pleased I watched it.

Mozart and the Whale
Two people with Asperger's find each other and find love.  Simple story, sweet movie.  Josh Hartnett as the main character Donald is very good.

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  1. So Kate, where do you come up with the movie selections -- does someone recommend them to you?

    Loved Sideways when it came out.

    I agree about Pulp Fiction...I saw it when it was first released -- liked it, but the language left a little to be desired.

    I watched Mozart and the Whale a while back and did enjoy it. I have friends whose son has Asperger's and it was good to watch and get an insight into his world.

    Looking forward to next week's selection and critique. :-)