Tuesday, January 26, 2010

APT 6 - Part Four - final

A second day at the gallery today.  The person I was meeting was late - VERY late - so what to do...how about a glass of wine to fill in the time?  Notice the beautiful blue sky reflected in the glass...

The fruit stand out the front of GOMA was intriguing - so realistic!
Each piece of fruit was assembled from a flat piece of card like this
Today's project - luckily I have all day...

I had heard about this willow tree - it slowly rotates
a scarily real-looking figure
barkcloth with pineapple and tree designs I liked
and art that makes a mess!

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  1. Looks fantastic Kate...I'll probably go down there sometime this week. I live at West End, so just a short stroll down to the GOMA.