Monday, January 4, 2010

One Word

My recent post about my word for 2010 was written before I came across the concept of choosing one word as a guide through the year. This seems to have taken off across the artistic community.

Here is a post that explains one person's views about this concept.

The idea is to focus on one word to help us "be" rather than to make a resolution to "do" something that has a high chance of failing (eg losing weight, becoming more fit...).

If you had to choose one word for your life this year - what would it be?


  1. Nice positive post to start the week off with Kate.

    That post you linked to at Christine Kane's blog was good reading for me. I like the reasoning behind the "Be"idea. I, like so many others, have made resolutions in the past, only to get to the end of the year and wondered what happened. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I think often it was that I thought I could do more than was probably physically possible, so I was doomed to fail.

    My word is the one that was mentioned as the example...Release -- for me the last few years have seen me holding on to a lot of things, bith physically and emotionally that need to be let go. Release works for me!

    Thanks for the post -- it got me thinking and verbalising those thoughts. I hope your other readers comment as it is always good to see what others are thinking.

  2. Interesting, & a much better way to positively focus after a draining year! I need to think about it a little more as a few words spring to mind!

  3. Oh there are so many, maybe " free " as I hold on to a lot of stuff and I stops me feeling free.

    Oh dear gets me thinking.