Friday, January 8, 2010


For those who may not know, I start my day reading blogs. I use Google Reader which does the job of presenting me with what's new on the blogs I like to follow. Google Reader also allows me to categorize the blogs, so I can decide whether I want to start with "ideas" or "books" or whatever my little heart may fancy...

I need to do this because at the moment I subscribe to 325 blogs...

One posting I read this morning led me to discover this new gem: teal - The Typo Eradication Advancement League. Seriously - these guys go around correcting typos!! How WONDERFUL is that!! And then they blog about it (at length...). It's so nice to know I'm not the only pedant in the world :-)


  1. Oh that is a great site! I have to admit that in a previous job, I was "lovingly" referred to as the grammar nazi. It's just that it drove me insane to see some of the supposedly professional pieces being sent out from my Dept. All the usual ones were present...their v they're; its and it's. You know.

    In terms of blogs that I am subscribed to as opposed to the ones I actually read -- when Google reader first came on the scene, I guess I went a little overboard and signed up to all kinds (>500 there right now). I don't use that reader now, as I have one on my Macbook that integrates with everthing else, and is a native reader for the Mac (Newsfire).

    A check of Newsfire shows that I have culled them down to 178, the last one added is yours, Kate. There are a couple that I read religiously everyday, and because I am on the move regularly, I have a newsreader app on my iPhone, allowing me to read them wherever and whenever I have the desire.

    It's good to have people like you in the world Kate. It's what makes life interesting. :-)

  2. I have been known to take a texta to public signs to correct typos...
    I used to work for Jacaranda Press and did some editing for them, as well as writing for the local rag, and I always get embarrassed when I find a typo in my blog.

    Must figure out Google Reader...
    Happy 2010!