Tuesday, January 19, 2010


On Sunday Carmel and I escaped the heat by playing Scrabble in the airconditioned library at Carindale.
I had no idea that there were lists of "official" words - our house rules meant using a dictionary - say the COD - because I am interested in meanings - not just the letters.  But "real" Scrabble players play to win!!  :-)  If you are interested, this is the book of lists -
By pure co-incidence, on the morning we were going to play, I read this post making comparisons between Scrabble and life - my favourite is "there are no bad racks, only players".


  1. I love Scrabble -- and a while back I had a game with a couple of seasoned "professionals", and I have to admit that I didn't really enjoy it. Too much emplasis on winning at all costs, which meant blowing me away.

    Some of my best memories of winter in the US were when we would play Scrabble at a fav coffee shop and it would be snowing outside...we'd trek down in the snow, rugged up, and stay there for a few hours...a wonderful way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon.

  2. Hey Kate...that link to the other post making comparisons doesn't work?