Monday, January 25, 2010

Broad Strokes - January 2010 Meeting

The group met at my place this month.  The challenge was to create a piece inspired by the exhibition - Paperskin: Barkcloth Across the Pacific.

Here is my piece -

Here is the artist statement -


Tea dyed muslin, 100% cotton thread, pellon
Machine quilted

Six of us met at the Paperskin: Barkcloth Across the Pacific exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery in November 2009.

I was inspired by the strongly graphic designs on a lot of the pieces in the exhibition.  Taking my cue from one of the exhibits - Masi Bola, unknown artist - I drew up a 4" X 4" grid on individual little quilts and drew diagonal lines to create the designs.  Each design is different yet starts from the same grid.  The machine sewing lines are like pencil sketch lines - uneven and free.  The tea dyed cloth represents the organic basis of the barkcloth.

There are six mini quilts in the piece, representing the six of us in the group.

The quilts are sewn together with a zig zag stitch - united but still separate.

The outside edge is open, hinting at boundless possibilities.

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