Monday, September 19, 2011

Cherilyn Martin

Cherilyn is a well-known artist based in Holland and she was on a flying visit to Brisbane when she met a small group of us for lunch on Friday.  It was a fabulous day weather-wise and Southbank was abuzz.  We went to Poppy's and chatted and had some show and tell.  Ali is getting ready for an exhibition at the art factory.   Linda, as ever, had heaps of her work on hand.  Cherilyn brought some postcards.  She used to work a lot more in fabrics and is now working with paper.
This piece was a "mistake" that turned out great.  She'd painted leaves and vliesofixed them down, but then the leaf came away - leaving a perfect impression of the leaf in the paint - it looks so good
Lots of texture and stitching

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