Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brisbane Writers Festival 2011 - Friday

I had a great day with lasses from Riverbend.  We were treated to reserved seating to hear Hugh Mackay, Anne Patchett and Betty Churcher.
Here's Hugh (on the left)
The venue was the Terrace in the State Library.  It's the room with the Great Wall of China
An "artistic" shot of the audience reflected in the ceiling
Anne Patchett on the left about to be interviewed by Suzy, owner of Riverbend
There was an area in the red tent for the "50 Books You Can't Put Down".  The books were there for anyone to read, and there were two of these 60s chairs to sit in.
The one I tried was super comfortable and private and I felt delightfully cocooned.
The weather was foul outside, so we were allowed to have lunch in the staff kitchen.  I came across this piece of art on the way
Another reading corner
and plenty of tempting books for sale.
Yep, I was tempted.

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