Monday, September 19, 2011

Boy Girl Wall

La Boite has some different and interesting shows, and on Thursday evening I saw boy girl wall.  It was having its return season due to "popular demand".  Yeah, yeah, I thought, how good could it be?  I thought.  Well, it was fantastic.  A one man ball of energy took over the space for 75 minutes of storytelling, humour, visual jokes and clever effects.  The warning had me intrigued - chalk dust??
Yep - many of the props and information were drawn - on the floor
and on a range of blackboards across the back of the stage.  Lucas Stibbard is phenomenal in taking on heaps of characters including an annoying/daggy boss, a narcissistic publisher, the boy and girl of the title, as well as days of the week and the wall, floor and ceiling.  Yep - strange as it sounds, it all makes sense in the show.  It's not absurdist at all, but has a fun sense of the absurd.  It's just damn good fun, clever, witty, and, ultimately, great entertainment.  There was a wide range of ages in the audience and we were all carried along by the wonderful storytelling.  Lucas was called back three times to loud cheering.  It was THAT good.

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