Monday, October 10, 2011

Road Trip - Part 2

After leaving Warwick, it wasn't long before we were in Stanthorpe.  ANOTHER quilt show here as well as Gardenfest.  We had come for a particular exhibit, though, at the local art gallery.
 It was an amazing collection of textile art/quilts from some of the best in Australia.  There was also work by artist Judy Wilford, depicting the Australian landscape using layered dyed and stitched silk - amazing work.  The official opening was at 4, but we gave our apologies - I think they struggled on without us...

Lunch was at The Regal Cafe - doesn't that bring back memories of country milk bars?  Well, the burger certainly did.  As a thoughtful touch it was freshly killed.  Mine was the works with no pineapple.
No comment needed:
These chookies all looked happy enough chatting amongst themselves, but I think the one I chose will feel right at home in my garden.

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