Monday, October 10, 2011

Road Trip - Part 1

On Saturday, the lovely Chris and I headed to Stanthorpe, via Springfield, through Cunningham's Gap and Warwick.  Although it was raining when we set out, by the time we got out of the car at Warwick, the rain had stopped, and at Stanthorpe, it was even warm!!!

I've never been through Cunningham's Gap, that I recall.  Literally half the road is washed away, so it was one lane at a time, but the evolution guys managed it well.  The pure, clear sound of the bell birds was amazing.

I thought I was SO SMART by packing everything you could possibly need for a thermos tea/coffee on the way - napkins, EVERYTHING - everything, that is, except mugs.  Gosh darn.  But it wouldn't haven't been fun perched on a muddy shoulder, having our morning cuppa, anyway.

We decided that Warwick was a good place for a stop - how about Glenrose Patchwork? asked Chris.
As we pulled in we saw heaps and heaps of cars.  As luck would have it, it was their annual Airing of the Quilts.  Quilts were on the verandah
 and outside (under cover of course)
 the award winning gardens had cute bird houses
Bev McClune had a room full of her beautifully quilted quilts, and she was demonstrating and talking at the same time, and wasn't fazed by people standing behind her - amazing!
We walked through the shop, made a purchase or two, and had a cuppa and a caramel slice, and brownie.  We decided not to stay for the belly dancing.

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