Thursday, October 6, 2011


I joined the gallery after my last visit in February.  I get full membership rights when I visit, plus have reciprocal rights when in other galleries in Australia - got to love that!

The Fred Williams exhibition was amazing.  It was one of the best curated exhibitions I've been to for a while - it all made visual sense as you moved from one space to another, even without reading the text.  I like to do a quick recce, buy the catalogue, have a break and read bits of it, then go back for a more lingering second look.

Williams' body of work is prodigous - his way of seeing the landscape referenced historical art but definitely tuned into modern sensibilities.  I found it an immensely moving and  emotional experience.  The loneliness of the landscape, the unique point of view, the masterful use of colour - he captured it all.

Aside from the special exhibits, the gallery was abuzz with students drawing and painting

I had read that the architect based the design of the building on equilateral triangles - I had noticed them in passing before, but now I saw them everywhere
My favourite sculpture was still there
 The supports in the car park looked like tree trunks...

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