Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There was something in the air in Ballina - the sense and smell of being on holidays.  The weather was wonderfully mild, despite the time of year and the overcast sky.  I stayed at the Ramada, with a view right out onto the Richmond River.
There was a spa bath in the room, so I decided to use it.  I didn't realise that turning on the jets would whip the bath gel into mountains of froth - yikes!!
Dinner was an updated version of chicken parmigiana and creamy mash
 washed down with wine.
It tasted great, but you had to order the chicken and the sides separately - and this wasn't mentioned on the menu or by the waiter.  I found this out when the chicken alone - all by its lonesome - was placed in front of me.  Grrr.  They'll be charging for cutlery next.
Breakfast before work was in a cute little cafe on River Street.  I had a coffee and a slice of fruit and nut toast with a cinnamon topping - very very satisfying.  Look at these great light fixtures -

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  1. Oh I just love Ballina ..... the RSL does a fabulous feed and very reasonable too.
    Must go down there again :o).
    Have fun!!!
    Joy :o)