Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gratuitous Photos of My New Boy

Dexter came to live with us on Easter Saturday. The name the RSPCA had for him was Puss Puss - it took me quite some time to come up with one I could live with. Dexter fitted the bill. Dex for short, Poindexter for long (Poindexter was the brainy character in Felix the Cat, in case you were wondering). His name allows for all sorts of groanworthy puns like Dextrous, and Dexcellent, and Dextroyer.

Poor old Dex had cat flu the first week he was here - and, as required, lay low until it passed. Since then he's been acting his age of 9 months by chewing things, leaping about, knocking things over and clambering over tall piles of stuff that avalanche onto the ground. Extremely entertaining.

Now, as I'm a new "mother", you will forgive some baby snaps, won't you?

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