Monday, February 14, 2011

Sydney Visit (2)

When you're with someone else, you often see and do things differently.  I'd never entered the Botanic Gardens from the Conservatorium side.  I LOVED this sign
and being the good girl I am I did EXACTLY as I was told -
There were lots of different sorts of water lilies - here are some

I couldn't take any photos in the art gallery unfortunately.  The exhibition was well worth a trip.  There were representative terra cotta figures on show as well as lots of information about the burial pits and the life and times of the Emperor.  To see them for real was awe inspiring.
I also visited the art+soul exhibition of Indigenous art.
I liked these colours that I saw in the cafe

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  1. My toes haven't felt grass in a long time, so I really liked that photo. What a good sign, it means "Have fun here."
    It reminds me of the yellow Caution tape stretched along a span of city street that says "Everything's Okay....Everything's Okay." Haha.