Monday, February 21, 2011

Stella Star

The original 2QAQ Committee met at Stella Star in Coorparoo for lunch on February 13 to officially thank Sue for her work, to catch up, have lunch etc etc and hand over the art pieces.

I have eaten at Stella Star when it was in Lota (actually, the restaurant is still there, but the chef has moved to Coorparoo).  There was no doubt that the food is the star here -
Jan's entree as main
Suzanne and I had the boar in a puff pastry parcel
Jane's creme brulee
My tiramisu
There were other meals of course but I didn't want to sprint around to everyone and photograph each dish - some people don't understand and actually want to EAT what's in front of them without any distraction!!
Then came the presentation following a few words from Suzanne
Sue was genuinely surprised and pleased, and we all wanted to see th epieces too as we didn't know what the others had done.  Here are the 8 from the others (the ninth was to be done by Sue to make a 3 X 3 grid of canvases - Suzanne generously made an extra one so Sue could take her time making the 9th).
Here they all are together

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