Monday, February 21, 2011

The State of My Art

Sue Dennis headed up the art quilting group in QQ for 3 years.  She's a busy world renowned art quilter and teacher, so her commitment was not taken on lightly.  She was always a pleasure to work with.  Those of us who were part of the committee made a little "thank you" piece of art with a touch of orange, that she could display as she wished.  The size of the canvas was 4" X 4".
Some idea drawings -
The base fabric - created in a session with a friend
Words had to be incorporated
and metal of course
I had to make sure the design remained in the small space
A touch of orange
 The finished piece
Labelled and everything!
Artist's Statement - or  - A Bit More About the Piece
Life is the source of energy and creativity that radiates through space and time.
Elements represent time spent with friends, free play, and words - all important to me.

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  1. Thank you Kate, for this special piece of your art! See you Saturday at 2QAQ.