Monday, November 16, 2009

True Confessions

I joined a postcard swap earlier this year and I have ONLY JUST made the postcards to swap - these are way late (August, September and October). I have apologised to the very very very patient recipients who will be getting the cards in the mail very very very shortly.

Here are the cards to date.

August - the theme was "One of My Favourite Things". Well, pear shapes are one of my very favourite things. The background is painted brown paper layered with painted vliesofix and highlighted with Treasure Gold. The pears themselves are cut out of fabric and appliqued on.

September - the theme was "Circles". I loved all the vibrant circles printed on the fabrics I used and wanted to counterbalance the round shapes with straight lines and angles. The precision of the piecing is offset by the raw edge of the outside pieces.

October - the theme was "Nursery Rhymes". These are Little Bo Peep's sheep coming home in a very orderly fashion - they have been left alone and as the rhyme says are bringing their tails behind them!


  1. They are super Kate. Interesting way to use brown paper. C.