Monday, November 30, 2009

Mullum Music Festival '09 - Part 3 - Saturday

The Festival didn't start again until 1pm - to allow all those night owl musicians a bit of a rest! I spent the morning watching the cricket and sewing! I met Vicki Carr there - you can't go anywhere without meeting a quilter!

The lineup I saw on Saturday was Rebecca Ireland, Green Life, Vulgargrad, Old Spice Boys, Leah Flanagan Band, Mr Percival, The Stetson Family, Tinpan Orange and Mama Kin. All bios/photos here.

The standout for me was Tinpan Orange
wonderful dusky vocals and amazing instrumental work - the trio gelled beautifully. I bought both CDs they have out. If you get a chance to see them (if you like gypsy, folky, sensuous, cocktail lounge type music) then do!

Leah Flanagan and her band
and Mama Kin were also wonderful.

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